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Ruben Garcia Villalpando

On Friday, February 20, a Grapevine officer shot and killed Mexican national Rubén García Villalpando on the side of Euless freeway outside of Dallas, Texas. García was unarmed and reportedly had his hands in the air shortly after stepping out of his vehicle.

This incident took place in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, where a dashboard camera recorded rookie officer Robert Clark pulling over Rubén García after a brief car chase. The 31-year-old García steps out of his vehicle, puts his hands in the air, and asks: "Are you going to kill me?" García begins walking towards the officer who yells profanities while telling him to stop moving.

Family members who have seen the video say that García's body language was peaceful and that he was nervous. After he steps out of the camera's view two shots go off, which hit García in the chest. The father of four children died from his wounds.

The officer was unharmed. García was unarmed.

"If my husband had killed a police officer, he would be in jail," said Marta Romero. García's widow continued, "but since it was the opposite, will they just leave it this way?" Questioning the mistreatment of undocumented people in the U.S., she asks: "What are human rights then?"

García’s widow, Martha García-Romero, sued the Grapevine Police Department and officer Robert Clark, seeking release of a dash-cam video showing Clark’s confrontation with García.

The Grapevine Police Department and the Tarrant County district attorney’s office refuses to release the dash-cam video and we need your help to pressure them release it.


The Latino Community Must Keep Police Departments and Police Officers

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